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Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Have you lost hope in your floor? Are you mulling over spending a whopping amount of money in replacing the floor? Just take a deep breath you are landed at the finest place to get your commercial hard floor cleaned. Adelaide Corporate Cleaning has an extensive 11 years of experience in commercial cleaning services in Adeliade and equipped with all required advanced tools and teams to clean any type of hard floor to create a healthy and safe environment for your employees and customers.

We are one of the most reputed commercial cleaning company in Adelaide who offer services even during weekends and holidays. You can book our services for any hours; it can be within office offers and after office hours in the night so that your employees and customers do not get affected by the procedure.

Why hire our hard floor cleaning services?

What you look into a cleaning service before getting them booked? It should be working legally, the team should be equipped with the right tool, it should stand out in the crowd when it comes to commercial cleaning? Right! We got all these mentioned qualities and are one of the finest wood floor cleaning services in Adelaide. Our hard floor cleaning services fall right on every criterion and suitable for a variety of hard floors.

This is a sure-shot way to restore original looks and glaze of all types of flooring. Whether you need our services for Laminate, solid wood and terracotta floors or ceramic and thermoplastic tiles we are always there to help you get rid of messy and grime looking floors. As I mentioned, we are the most experienced firm working in Adelaide in cleaning services niche, it has been almost 11 years of us working in Australia. We have been working with many prestigious residential and commercial properties in Adelaide and all over Australia.

Our Floor cleaning and restoration business in Adelaide took the entire cleaning services market with the storm and has built quite amazing results.

  1. ACC (Adelaide Corporate Cleaning) is a leading cleaning corporation dedicated to commercial hard floor maintenance and care.
  2. Our surveyor will come and recommend the best-suited services for your floors, accumulate requirements and expectations with a budget.
  3. We got the specialized team cleaning in every type of hard floor what most of the buildings and properties around Adelaide use.
  4. The hand-picked cleaners, professionally attired, experienced and certified by all necessary government departments.
  5. Competitive price
  6. Flexible working hours (Our team can work in office and hospitals environments without making disruptive noises )

You know the floor is one of the prominent parts of an overall building architect, and if it is messy or grime, it can make you leave plenty of business without competing in the market.  The gleaming floor signifies the business or services within the buildings are prosperous and upon all professional levels.

How we do it

A licensed and experienced hard floor cleaning technician will visit your floor to inspect it. He will assess the work needed to be done at your building and ask from you’re expectations and budget. After that, you will see a team of professional and licensed cleaners at your place equipped with all the necessary professional tools.

They remove all the furniture if needed, usually; we see the property owners cleared the area before the team arrives or land at the place. They vacuum or remove the dust prepare the surface. The cleaners will decide upon the best strategy or the technique to clean the floor as per the condition and your requirements.

We offer various flood cleaning services and you pay in accordance. This can be sealed floor cleaning, casual floor polishing. The most famous and most used floor cleaning ways are sealed floor cleaning and polished floor cleaning. In sealed floor cleaning, the cleaner uses a hard floor cleaning machine and scrub the floor. This way removes the upmost layer of the sealing.

This follows the spreading of the cleaning fluid over there, it will allow all the fluid to accumulate all the dirt and grime from the surface. After due time, the cleaner will use an extraction machine to remove the cleaning fluid, and you will have a clean glammy protected flood in the end. In the Linoleum and Vinyl floor type of the floors, we spread a special fluid for 15 minutes, after that, a special machine is used to remove the old layer along with the dust and all ingredients sticking to the floor.

A new polished layer is applied to the floor depending upon the type and you can walk over the floor within 2-3 hours of this job. And there are possibilities that if your floor does not need a recoating, then the cleaner will just clean the entire floor thoroughly. At the end of this, they usually spray a cleaning solution that will eliminate all residing grime on the floor and give it a shiny, tidy look.

Our experienced team

Our team consists of the finest and most experienced cleaners and technicians in the region. They operate the most advanced and professional tools available in the market, they are fully insured and cleared from all government security and crime departments.

We are an experienced team in every competitive rate. You cannot expect this optimum level performance from any expensive cleaning services. We cost depends on the size of the area and the cleaning ways you want us to adopt for your floor cleaning.

We are available at any hour; we offer services on weekends and during the holidays. Our cleaning process will not disturb your employees and customers; this is not a noisy and disruptive process.

Other Services Offered 


The hard floor cleaning services offered by ACC (Adelaide Cleaning Services) cannot be a substitute to after builders or when the tenants move at the end of the lease. However, if you want us to go through this type of cleaning, we do offer special discounts on combined cleaning and offer the optimum results as per your expectations.