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A graffitied building cannot display a great first impression of your commercial property or building. It has been noted that the overall value of the property decreases if graffiti is prevalent. It is considered the sign of neglect, uncared and attracts more other social and criminal behavior. If you have been the victim of graffiti attacks and it has ruined your building, you probably thinking about getting rid of those graffiti.

The graffiti removal services are the most expensive services you could see in the cleaning services niche. Sometimes, I have seen the owners prefer graffiti to leave it be, instead of removing them just because they contemplate the cost and they cannot bear it. Yes, the removal of graffiti is not easy, and getting them removed has a different cost of its own to consider.

ACC (Adelaide Corporate cleaning) is one of the finest commercial cleaning and graffiti removal service providers in Adelaide. You can trust them in removing any kind of graffiti removal, on buildings, offices, hospitals, status, monuments, factories and environment. You can hire ACC’s (Adelaide Corporate cleaning) services at any hour in competitive price. You need to act quickly when you see any graffiti sign on your walls or building before turning the area into a graffiti hot spot.

What Makes Us Different?

ACC is fully trained and equipped with the cleaning materials to clean and remove any unsightly objects from the surfaces. Our expertise and experienced staff know how to execute the job without damaging the property. We make sure all the products we use commercially are extensively tested not to damage any surface cleaning using them. We are the top-followed commercial cleaning services and we proudly offer best graffiti removal and cleaning services rates in Australia.

Hire Our Services

You need to hire professional graffiti removal services in your area. This is not a normal commercial cleaning, and over the counter, cleaners might not do justice with it and it can cost you a lot of time, frustration and money. We have the experienced hand-picked cleaners who have the capabilities to handle unsightly tagging and marking using sprays and other liquids.

In graffiti removal we take special care of the temperature, we know the temperature of the surface has an effect on the type of graffiti used. Many of the graffiti cleaners we see in the area use the water-based system to remove them, not the solvent based.

The water-based cleaners do the job only in summer conditions; it would not have any effect on graffiti in cooler conditions. We got the advanced tools to remove any size of graffiti on your walls and are equipped with the water and solvent based cleaners to get the job done.

We have special kind of liquids and graffiti removal tools which get into the pores and do not evaporate quickly. This helps our cleaners to clean the graffiti and get into the inner layer of the paint on the wall. We are fully equipped to handle any kind of graffiti from low to a medium pressure washer to deliver optimum results in cleaning the graffiti.

The Most Experienced Brand

We are the most experienced brand out there when it comes to any kind of commercial cleaning. We are equipped with the right team and right equipment to swiftly remove any type of graffiti ruining the entire look of the property.

ACC (Adelaide Corporate Cleaning) has 11 years of experience in commercial cleaning and through the years we have to provide our best services to many renowned brands all over Australia.

Professional Staff

We have spent 11 years in cleaning niche and we know how to pick the best cleaner to get the job done. In these years we really worked hard on our cleaning staff and technicians. We are profound to proclaim that we have the most professional, skilled and cleared from police and DBS checked staff. We arrange a special training session to fully train our staff and teach them to use the advanced equipment.

Our staff understands how to deal in different conditions and using the correct tools in accordance with the situation. You know all graffiti are not the same; it sometimes becomes difficult to correctly grasp the situation and using the right equipment and cleaning methods to get rid of them.

Advanced Tools and Equipment

We follow the best equipment and cleaning method to fully clean and remove the gum from the walls. We have the advanced tools to carry out any type of graffiti removing such as pressure washer to ensure the correct pressure use for different surfaces in different conditions.

We got the right tools and removal units to remove graffiti at any height, our units are capable of towing spider lift for any high level, awkward to access graffiti tasks.

Flexible Hours

We are one of the most famed commercial cleaning services in Adelaide and we know how to deal with the clients efficiently. We can offer services at any hour you need. Our cleaning staff and technicians would work silently and would not disrupt the working ambiance at your building.

Still, if you are conscious to get the services after office hours we are available in night-shifts.


If you are not getting rid of the graffiti just because you cannot spend a whopping amount what use to be spent on it, have a deep sigh of relief. Our rates will allure you to get the job done instantly. We offer discounts on two combined cleaning services, get the full advantage of our discounts offer and remove the stubborn graffiti spoiling the looks of the commercial property within hours.

If you have any graffiti issue, it would be ideal to remove them rather covering it up following old-fashioned techniques. I have seen people paint after someone left the graffiti on the walls. Paint would hide it for temporarily it is not the permanent solution and you have to deal with it someday.

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