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Government Sector Cleaning Services Adelaide

Adelaide Corporate Cleaning tailored cleaning services for government, local and state departments. We offer daily, weekly and monthly services to accommodate the necessities of these sectors. It has almost been 11 years since we commenced this journey in Adelaide and over the course of this time; we have been servicing dozens of government and private departments. Through these years we accumulated experience on how to cater to the needs of government departments. You know these departments need a different spectrum of services and specialized trained employees.

We know the challenges and problem the government department face in cleaning and maintaining cleanliness around. We have gained a thorough and solid knowledge to work with public and private sectors and we happily and proudly can handle any size of work with zero hiccups.

We know that working with security agencies and government departments is something challenging. They needed special treatment, while security and confidentiality side is something more than important for them. Our all staff including cleaners and technicians hold national police clearance certificate and we do make them sign a special confidentiality statement prior to working at the site just because no harm could happen just because of our services, we are super strict to this.

For us, the size of the buildings and properties do not matter. We are equipped and trained to handle any size of work, within the given timespan. Our employees are also trained and skilled to handle all spectrum of work, large and small. They are instilled to work hard and offer the optimum quality of services no matter the size of the building may be. We offer daily, weekly, monthly and other janitorial duties with a wide spectrum of services including schools, hospitals, government, and private departments and security agencies.

What we Offer

Do not you think government building needs a special touch and cleaning? We are the most experienced Commercial Cleaning Firm in Adelaide which has been assisting various government and security departments in making subtle changes in the cleanliness department. We also have been offering some out of the box and out of the way services to the government sector departments and we proudly proclaim ourselves the most experienced firm in Adelaide holding 11 years of experience.

A novice cleaning firm cannot bear the pressure of government departments, and the staff should also be trained to take that much of load to provide cleaning services to the government building. This is the reason, we have hired special cleaners and technicians and we pay them full-time salaries, just to make sure a continuing stream of services provided to the departments.

Through the years of experience and after working with dozens of departments and private firms, we have developed a systematic way to schedule the consistent cleaning services are provided to the local departments and private customers.

Our heads always communicate to private and government heads and focus to solve their queries regarding cleanliness around the buildings.

 Carpet Cleaning

We offer special discounts on government contracts. We offer a wide spectrum of services in government departments including carpet cleaning. In carpet cleaning services we offer the most advanced solutions. Our hot carbonated extraction method with low-pressure spray machines does the wonder with the carpets and covers. This pressure ensures the dirt, grime, blemishes, and other spots are washed away from the carpet fibers.

Hard Floor cleaning

The floors are one of the prominent parts of the buildings and subject to catch dirt and stains so often. This should be addressed in proper ways and you cannot just go-ahead clean it one time. The hard floor cleaning is something where you need a special team stand-by every time. The ACC is specialized in taking continuous care to the government building’s hard floor and offer special services in this regard.

Window Cleaning

Don’t you think windows, sills, frames, and screens are something needed special attention when it comes to cleanliness? ACC offers special attention to all of your property including windows and follows chemical and detergent freeways to go through the Windows. This brand follows the traditional and advanced technology to offer optimum results at any level.

Restroom and Office Cleaning

Restrooms get dirty and they cannot be cleaned without a professional and skilled team. ACC has become one of the highest quality cleaning services not only in town but all over Australia. We offer special discounts on restrooms and office cleaning services and have a specialized team around us.

Event Cleanup

Are you planning a big event? Plan the event and have a professional team onboard. If you want a reputable, trustworthy event cleaning company to clean the leftover after the event. We are an experienced brand in event cleaning and have been offering prime services.

When it comes to cleanliness around in the government departments and other commercial sectors, the company you hire is the direct reflection of your priorities. ACC (Adelaide Corporate Cleaning) ensures clean and healthy environments in government and private building what boosts the confidence and ambiance around the buildings and among the employees.

If you are tired of the janitorial company with which you had been working for years and need a replacement, it is the time to go with an experienced and the best company in cleaning services. We provide experienced, professionalism, ownership and offers amazing services to the impressive marks.

We offer day-time and night shifts janitorial services as per your needs and requirements. The daytime cleaning program obviously reduces the cost of the cleaning and overall expensive.