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Aged Care Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Aged care facilities require special cleaning requirements and it needs a lot of attention to the details to maintain cleanliness around. ACC (Adelaide Corporate Cleaning) provides what you exactly need and exceeds your expectations. We offer top-notch aged care facilities in Adelaide and around while meeting your budget. We have been working in the cleaning industry since 2007 years now and through the course of this span, we have gathered extensive and solid knowledge to cater to the needs and requirements in aged care centers.

We do know how to deal in cleanliness at aged centers and our cleaners are specialized in dealing with the people around. We can make your aged care home clean and germ-free without using any chemicals. We follow a strict policy of not using any chemical and offering bio-degradable, chemical-free, organic cleaning in commercial properties and other areas. Our team is trained to carry out any services sought complying in the health and safety laws in Australia.

Aged Care Cleaners 

At Adelaide Corporate Cleaning we run a world-class practice to maintain quality and management system cleaning in aged care centers. For aged care centers, more than cleaning, it required maintaining cleanliness around. Our staff provide day and day out services at your aged care center and maintain the top-notch cleaning qualities and ready to offer a no-cost obligation quote.

We have been offering extensive aged care cleaning services in Adelaide and collaborated with many famed names around. Through the course of our experience, we only focused on providing the best experience and earning reputation. We strive for optimum customer satisfaction and help you reach out to more customers and services to earn more business. We ensure that we will beat any corporation around in this niche in Adelaide and no one can stand against us.

Hygienic Anti-bacterial Chemical-free Cleaning

ACC is highly experienced in collaborating in the Age care center and in medical environments. In our collaboration, we maintain the anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning policies and procedures in place.

All our cleaning staff including cleaners and technicians are trained to produce optimum results not only in cleaning but behaving and treating the old guys at your centers. All the staff holds a national police clearance certificate and if you need us to clear our cleaners and staff from any government security departments, we can do this happily.

We hold special training programs just to train our cleaners and staff and make them learn the state of the art technique and ways to clean the surface and maintain the risk-free environment in the building and aged care centers.

Serviced Facilities

In nursing homes, medical centers, aged care centers the sanitation is paramount. Here we have to maintain a 100% clean environment and address every little cleanliness issue with good attention and care. In aged care centers, we know aged people are more prone to diseases and infections. They get cold and other infections airborne disease due to their weakened immune system.

If you are not serious in getting professional cleaning services on-board, you better to get ready for dust, grime builds up and unhygienic practices, which are often to blame when any one of us gets cold or get an infection. It is imperative to minimize the health risk or eliminate this altogether by following dependable and efficient cleaning services.

ACC follows and utilizes extensively and state of the art cleaning methods that meets the requirements and world standards. Aside from the aged homes cleaning services or daycare cleanliness, we offer a spectrum of cleaning services around and are open to getting hired.

In elderly care cleaning solutions, the heart of our business, we offer a wide range of cleaning services for an elderly care center in Adelaide including.

  • General cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Laundry
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Dealing with infection control
  • Adherence to accreditation
  • Ground and hard floor maintenance
  • Washroom Consumables
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

The Best Valued Aged Care Cleaning Agency in Adelaide

We have been servicing many aged care centers in our region. We have been offering top-notch medical facilities to the medical centers and hospitals, in our experience working with these departments and centers; we have built a solid experience of issues and problems the aged care centers face. So, if you have us on board, we can better understand your needs and exceeds your expectations without any hiccup.

Our services offer the best competitive pricing, the best standard of cleaning and servicing. You can have our services, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. If you want to have our spectrum of cleaning daycare services for 24/4, you can get discounts.

We also opened for janitorial duties and our experts will be taking care of your building cleanliness around the clock. Your site supervisor or staff office will do weekly quality assurance visit and cleaning audits monthly or weekly.

He/She will ensure the requirements and standard of the cleanliness have been maintained and satisfied that the emerging issues have been picked up before they rise up and wreak the havoc.

  • We save your time by addressing the cleanliness issues on time
  • For us the safety of your employees and your customers come first, we maintain a risk-free hygienic environment around.
  • We offer top-notch aged care center cleaning services in Adelaide.
  • We are easy to contact, select your address, put your number and have us onboard on the day.
  • We offer flexible hours
  • We have gathered the most experienced and skilled people in the niche around use and take special care of them.
  • If you want us to give special attention to any of the details or cleaning situation you want us to handle in more advanced ways, we will respond to your queries quickly.
  • We use the most advanced tools and techniques to carry out the cleaning process in your building and commercial property.

We are the famed name in Commercial Cleaning Services Adelaide and you will not regret the decision of hiring our services for aged care center cleaning.